Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Know the facts and figures to stop getting deprived from higher education in better colleges

It is a common concern for millions of students and parents in United States to calculate the amount of money which is required to get admission and complete higher education into the country’s top colleges. However, the extortionate college fees forces many students to think otherwise and they eventually leave the option of studying any further.

As per the recent statistics, it has been observed that on an average out of 60% of students who are eligible for admission to good colleges, 40% of them do not even research well about the tuition prices and other college expenses before applying whereas 12% of them refrain from applying after having gone through the price lists. An additional 8% amongst them are of the opinion that they will not be able to get any financial aid and bear other expenses post their admission to a college.

This kind of a mental framework has a lot of negative repercussion on the society at large. You might come across several students who are academically very strong but due to lesser financial means are forced to leave colleges either because they do not have the proper information about the college expenses or they are completely unaware about the financial aid which many schools and colleges do have in offering. However, this is quite a relative thing that the prices for some particular colleges which might be affordable for you might actually seem to be expensive for another.

Nevertheless there are two important things that you can keep in mind to get an admission into a college which would suffice your college expenses within your financial limits. First, try to look for more information on the internet about various colleges and their associated expenses. As per the Federal Higher Education Act of 2011, every financial institution is supposed to provide a price calculator on their websites in order to help the applicants calculate the cost to attend their schools or colleges such as their family income, average grade marks, Sat scores, etc.

If in case you do not get a price calculator on a particular institution’s website, then you can refer to the website of National Center for Educational Statistics for more information on different colleges and their respective college fees.

Secondly, try not to form an opinion about whether or not you would be able to bear the expenses whilst joining a college. There are many top notch colleges that help a student with grants or financial aid by measuring the academic abilities of a student in terms of variables such as class rank, high school grade scores and an average of SAT or ACT scores. Though this form of determining the amount of financial aid to be offered to a student may vary on a yearly basis, yet it is a very good method of the educational institutions to balance a student’s academic career with that of his ability to pay off the expenses.

Hence it is therefore advisable not to judge a college by the expenses that are there but to know in detail how to be eligible for the grants or financial aid that a college is offering. In many instances it is found that the financial aid that a student would get would actually cover not only his tuition fees but would also take care of his boarding facilities as well. For students who do not qualify for the financial grants but are looking for large scholarships, they need to look for colleges that provide a huge amount of merit aid on the condition that the applicant is academically an above average achiever.

Hence, from the above stated discussion, we can safely infer that the admission procedure to top institutions is a very complex one and with the college pricing getting even more complicated, many students with potential capabilities are not able to fulfill their dreams of higher education due to their limited financial resources. Therefore it becomes very important for you as a student to search for more information on various colleges’ website and weigh different options before selecting a school or college of your choice rather than simply going by the net price for a college and deciding on eliminating the college and studies as well.

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